Using Grid in PopupView problem


I have a problem, using a Grid in a PopupView. If the PopupView openes, there seems to be a refresh problem. The same is working with a table.

final Table table = new Table();
table.addContainerProperty(“A”, String.class, null);
table.addContainerProperty(“B”, String.class, null);
table.addContainerProperty(“C”, String.class, null);

    final Grid grid = new Grid();
    grid.addColumn("A", String.class);
    grid.addColumn("B", String.class);
    grid.addColumn("C", String.class);
    setCompositionRoot(new VerticalLayout( new PopupView("table", table), new PopupView("grid", grid) ));

[/code]Is there anybody with the same problem?

Thanks Dennis

Seems like this one:
If it is a Valo based theme try this in your theme:
$v-animations-enabled: false;
and see what happens.

Thanks for your answer. I add this line as a new line into my .scss file, right? Unfortunately, no changes :frowning:

Yes, before @import “…/valo/valo”;
But, do make sure the browser has not cached the previous css files with a ctrl+F5.

To insert before @import was an important information. It works, Thank you!!!

What does that mean? Animation is disabled in my theme on all Components? Is there a way to just disable for PopupView?