Using enter like tabulator

Is it somehow possible to define same kind of behavior for enter key as the tabulator has? With their other systems, my customer is used to using enter instead of tabulator to move from one textfield to another.


Quite weird behavior for web applications I must say, but customer is the king as always. Best option might be to build you on custom widget and implement client side with GWT. It is rather advanced task to do however, but the result would most likely be the best possible.

On server side you might also have some options. You could use two different systems to implement this on server side. Both have some problems, but maybe using them together could solve this issue.

Having shortcut action for enter key is one. With shortcut actions you have the problem that you don’t know which field is active currently.

Another one is to make your fields immediate (setImmediate(true)). Then in valueChange you could always focus the next field. With valuechange listener however you can’t catch the enter press if value has not changed.