Using combo-box with dataProvider and form binding (Lit)

Hi, i want to use with a dataProvider and hilla form binding. Given the following code

<vaadin-combo-box .dataProvider="${this.orderDataProvider}" item-id-path="id" item-value-path="id" item-label-path="name" ${field(model.orderId)}></vaadin-combo-box>

When i use the combobox to fill out a form everything works just fine. But when i reopen the form to see the previously entered values, the given combobox stays empty. When using items instead of dataProvider the combobox behaves correctly. I assume it’s because the dataProvider is only called when then combobox opens. Am i missing something?

The only way i see is adding selectedItem and providing an initial item, the moment i read the my data into the form binder.