Using ColorPicker as a field

Is there any reason why ColorPicker does not implement the Field interface? And are there any plans on fixing this?
If not (or if it will take a lot of time), is there any easy way to fix this in the meantime?


I have the same issue. I’d like to use the ColorPicker AddOn in a editable table or in a form. Both cases require a field, but the ColorPicker is not implementing the Field interface. Furthermore it is not possible to access the button of the ColorPicker or access the ColorPicker window directly.

It seems like ColorPicker is not under active development (something like a dead AddOn).

Any hint is really welcome.

@Piotr: could you solve your issue?


ColorPicker is being ported for Vaadin 7 (
), I don’t know if other changes will be made for it at this time or not.

To use it as a field, you could wrap it in a

There are some
open for the color picker, but you could
create an enhancement request
if what you want is not covered by them.


thanks for the CustomField hint. I’ll try to use it.