using ClickListener with TwinColSelect

the TwinColSelect is nice Component, I used it to display available and selected choices for guest;
I want to detect the clicked item in the first part of TwinColSelect (avalables), but I can’t do this,
My question is: it is possible to use the ClickListener event in this case??
and it is possible to use the drag and drop inside this component??

I know that DND will be a 6.3’s feature, but what about TwinColSelect’s ClickListener event ?


TwinColSelect is a “monolithic” component built with native html selects and buttons, so it wont gain anything about drag and drop introduced in 6.3. Except you can drag the whole component, but I don’t see that much point in it. Building an internal drag and drop into it would be quite a trick too.

A same kind of component could be quite easy to build by composition on server side. There it would be quite easy to add custom features. If somebody builds one, I’d consider to replace the current implementation with it. More features, more easily customizable and themed + a bit smaller client side engine.


Maybe we’ll try to build one and publish it in the new future