user specific portlet preferences

I have a Portlet where the Administrator who added the Portlet to the page have to configure it (do some database configurations so the Portlet works) .This is being done in the Preferences(Edit mode) which only the administrator can see. It works good so far, after the administrator is done with the preferences , all users can see the Portlet. I only had one problem : the personal Values of an user where overwritten by other users and so on … So i found out on Liferay forums how to make a Portlet save its preferences user specific . It works to but If I configure the Portlet as an Administrator then only I can see the working Portlet the other users see only the not configured Portlet. Is there a way to configure the Portlet as Administrator in the Edit Mode so the Portlet works for all users and keep the user specific Portlet preferences feature of Liferay ?