Use polymer paper-dialog


I would like to have a dialog with a header, scrollable content and a footer. The default dialog has no support for a header and a footer.
I found this one in the vaadin directory: []

I don’t get it how I can use it in my server side java code. Can anybody tell me how I could use is and is it compatible with vaadin 14 +?


Hi Olaf,

it’s a webcomponent built with polymer 3. So it should be an easy task to write a Java adapter for the backend side.

You can see a howto in the Vaadin doku: [Creating a Simple Component Using the Template API]

You simply create an adapter class with a few annotations:

@NpmPackage(value = "@polymer/paper-dialog", version = "3.0.1")
public class PaperDialog extends Component {

I also did it in this way to include the [@polymer/paper-fab-speed-dial]
You can see the working and published addon here:

There is also an starter project to create an adapter component:
[Add-on Starter for Flow]
This is also the prefered way for Vaadin 14