Usage of vaadin-widgets.jar

I would really like to use Vaadin widgets in a regular GWT application. I came across the vaadin-widgets.jar library, which I think is exactly what I need.

However, I saw the
example for it
, and it doesn’t look exactly like regular Vaadin widgets. For example, the font doesn’t seem to apply. Also, there only seem to be Grid built in.

I manually got the textbox and the native button working, by simply addinng the vaadin CSS classes (“v-widget v-textfield” and “v-widget v-nativebutton”). But it seems to me that there should be built in VaadinButton and VaadinTextBox classes that does this, right? Also, the non-native button wouldn’t work this way, of course, since it uses a set of div’s instead of the input-element. And as above, the fonts didn’t look quite as expected.

Is there any information about what vaadin-widgets.jar will be and what it will not be? And if there is any roadmap, or something?

Thanks in advance!
// Anton

Hi Anton,

Currently the vaadin-widgets ony contains the Grid, Escalator and VProgressBar. If you want to try out other Vaadin widgets in pure client-side case, you will need to include at least vaadin-client, which contains the rest. Some of the Vaadin widgets might not work out-of-the-box though.