URL preview component

is there a comeponent that can display a preview of a url

where the “work” / downloading of the content and display in done by the client side of the component in the browser.

so on the server i would get a list of user posted urls from the DB great a load of URL preview components each with a URL
send them off to the client and then in the client browser the url previewer component could take care of downloading the content and displaying it.

is this possible

has this kind of component all ready been made / any one fancy making it

For Vaadin7, you should look at the
BrowserFrame component.
, in the Vaadin core.

yes this BrowserFrame component looks like the kind of thing

BrowserFrame browser = new BrowserFrame(“Browser”,
new ExternalResource(“http://demo.vaadin.com/sampler/”));

one question

when setting the ExternalResource. where will the downloadin of the url take place. one server side or on the client side

ok I just had a play with the BrowserFrame


Is this Browser working independently from the vaadin application.

can we get a littel info on the implementation of the BrowserFrame.

what kind of client server coms are happning

ge when i click a link in the Browser frame will there be any client server coms back to my original application server hosting the vaadin application.

or is this Browser frame operation on its own

also i note it has a shared state. so when is this updated ect

ok one more Q

if we had 50 Browser frames all showing a users personal list of liked urls

would the server side be under lots of stress.

is this a sensible thing to do

A Browser frame is simply an iframe in the browser.

There is no control of the content, and there is no server comms with the the content - all Vaadin is doing is generating an iframe for the compnoent, and passing the URL/Resource in - the browser itself is downloading all of the content

Personally, I think that showing 50 browser frames would be an unfriendly and not-very-responsive user interface, but it wouldn’t stress the Vaadin server, no.

Note: I haven’t used this component at all myself.



ok, yes i see

thanks for you info

so if we wanted a URL pre view component, say one similar to that book of faces wall wiget, then , a customization of the

browser Frame might be a place to start,

any fancy making such a thing !!!

Is there any way of implementing a ClickListener on BroswserFrame?

Has anybody had a crack at getting click events from a BrowserFrame. I’m trying to iFrame in some separate parts of an existing UI using the URLs of the source application but need to be able to get the parameters of selected links in the existing app to pass on to other parts of the Vaadin app.

If you don’t control the embedded page and it is not in the same domain as your main page,
you cannot get much information out of it or listen to changes there
(such as URL changes IIRC).

If you do control the page,
there are some methods of communication available (postMessage, … - or even explicitly informing the server from the embedded page somehow)