Url-pattern in vaadin application


I am trying to use “*.vdn” in web.xml configuration file for vaadin servlet and i´m receiving a red box with the text message: “communication error …”

My web.xml…




if i use the url-pattern “/consulta/*” it works. This application runs into other web application and is inserted in jsp via iframe tag :

<iframe id="xxx" width="100%" height="500" 
           marginwidth="10px" marginheight="10px" frameborder="0" 

any help?


Hi Norival,

Im afraid you cannot use .vdn pattern - this is because a number of Vaadin resources are mapped to your application context, for instance, window url’s , image resources url’s and so on, so some-name/ pattern should always be used.

Why can’t use use /consulta/* mapping and the folloing url in your iframe - src=“/consulta/” ?

Dmitri, Thanks for answering the post.
Yes, with “/consulta” it works perfectly. I will use this way now and everything will be ok.

Norival Hübner
Goiânia - GO - Brasil