UriFragmentUtility does not change Uri

Hey everybody,

I´m new to vaadin and I´m trying to implement a history function with UriFragmentUtility.
I´ve a main window which extends the Window.class.

In my window I´ve:

private UriFragmentUtility fragmentUtility variable. 

[/indent]this.fragmentUtility = new UriFragmentUtility();


[/indent]this.fragmentUtility.addListener(another Class = Sidemap);

And a function:

public void setNewFragment (String fragment){


In the Sidemap class(which is the listener) I implemented the function:

public void fragmentChanged(FragmentChangedEvent source) {

[/indent]System.out.println("Event Fired:" + source.getUriFragmentUtility().getFragment());

When I start my application the log says:

And the url does not add the fragment.

I don´t know, why there is a second log with an empty fragment. It seems that my fragment is replaced or deleted immediately.

When I´m calling the fragmentUtility.setFragment method during a button click event, everything works just fine(just one log, and the url changes)!

Where is my mistake? I just want to edit the fragment in my url, when I call my method setnewFragment…

I really hope that somebody can help me.

Greetings Basti

Hello I think, I have same issue in ff and chrome- vaadin 6.7.6 and 6.7.7

sorry my mistake:
I called removeAllComponents and I frogot, that there is URIHelper too.
Everything is working for me.