Urifragment utility not working properly in google chrome,Opera

Hi all ,

       I am using urifragment utility in my vaadin project . It works well on Firefox and also works in Google Chrome . The problem is here that it fills [b]

[/b] for space in the url.
For example

[/b] in Google Chrome.

Run With Quick Reference
[/b] in Firefox.

[/b] in Opera.

Please give some solution for this.

Thank you all.

The other browsers display the URL with spaces encoded, exactly as they are sent to the server, while Firefox doesn’t. While non-encoded spaces are more readable, they cause trouble in some cases, for example, when you copy&paste such URL elsewhere. Well, Firefox might encode the URLs when copy-pasting in some cases, but I’m not sure about that.

In general, you should avoid spaces in URLs and URI fragments.

Hi sir,

       I understood the fact .Now i have changed the uri fragment without any spaces .

Thank you very much sir.