Uploading To Localhost

Hey all,

Please help me. :frowning:

I am trying to upload a file using the upload component to a directory in localhost (webapps folder in apache).
It gives me error in uploading when i give the path 'localhost:8080//" OR 'localhost:8080//" OR 'localhost:8080//"
But it works fine if i give it an absolute path like “D:/apache/webapps/.”

Please Comment ASAP…

I am not quite sure if I understand your question.

Your Apache Tomcat has to store the received bytes somewhere. This can only be done local - saying on a physical disk only. This is why D:/apache/webapps… works.

The webapps folder is not meant for storing files, but for your webappliactions.

You could store it somewhere else and create a servlet/stream/controller for accessing the download.