Upload in immediate mode won't repost same file

I am trying to use the Upload control to post a file, but in immediate mode it will not send the same file twice in a row (presumably because the value of the control has not changed). On this application the user will frequently have errors in the file they are uploading and they will try to fix it and re-upload.

Does anyone know of a reliable way around this problem?



I am also facing the same issue

I am also facing the same problem. is it resolved?
If you check on component demo site , it also has the same problem.


It works fine for me on the demo site, at least - using Chrome 23.

With which browsers and versions (of browser and Vaadin) are you seeing the problem?

Thanks Henri for quick response,

I tested on Chorme 23.0.1271.64. I use VAADIN 6.7.9 and also tested with 6.8.5.

I tested on below demo link

Here are the steps which I followed on the provided demo link.
1 Unceck ‘Simulate slow server’
2 Click ‘UploadFile’. Select an excel with size of >=800kb.
3 Once upload done. Repeat step 2 with same file for 5-6 times.From 6 or 7th time it stops to upload.

For firefox it works fine.


Sometimes it works and sometimes it stops. Couldn’t identify the exact reason. Even on demo site It stops sudden.
In my app it stops after 2 times.
I noticed if I do any excel reading using POI for big size file then it wouldn’t work for next upload the same file. Is it related to response time for upload?
For small size file it works

Hi all,

any news on this?

I have the same problem with Vaadin 7 (beta11) and IE9.
When I try to upload the same file again, nothing happens. None of methods of the receiver and all other listeners are entered.
Any suggestions or a workaround?




i have the same Problem.

I use Chrome 31.0.1650.57 and Vaadin 7.1.7.

Any suggestions?

Anything on this ??? Chrome 39 and Vaadin 7.3.8.

My solution is to re-create the Upload button in uploadFailed() and uploadSucceeded() methods

I’m also facing same issue. Below is the environment details.
Chrome Version 53.0.2785.143 m
vaadin.version = 7.6.0

Please share the code snippet if its working for you.

Still around in 7.6.6. Breakpoints in the upload reciever is not hit if you try to upload the same file twice…

Facing the same issue in 8.1.0.

I had the same problem and I’ve solved with:

receiver = new FileUploader();

in the uploadSucceeded method.