Upload Component - out of sync error

Hello there,

I am using the Upload component to upload files in immediate mode. I have implemented ProgressListener, StartListener, FailedListener and SucceededListener . Also checking for the size of the file in ProgressListener; if its too large I am interrupting the upload. The Uploa dComponent is added to a window - child window along with few labels and a button (to close the child window).

Sometimes, I notice that the upload button changes itself to non immediate mode and when the button is clicked - out of sync error occurs! When I tried to debug this, the PID reported belonged to the upload component.

I also tried using the upload component on the main window - but I see out of sync when I move from main window to some other window in my app.

EasyUpload component - is great . I used this addon instead of the basic upload component but this error occurs in that too. Is there is something that I am missing? or is this a bug?

Did you find a solution for this problem?

Hi, did u find the solution for this? I am also getting same issue