Upload Component : how to show a particular file types

I am using Vaadin 6.8.4 in my Web Application. I am using Upload Component to upload the files . In html , the input
file component can be used to select a particular type of file . For example

    <input type="file" name="LastName" value="Mouse"  [b]


    Likewise how can i use the upload component in Vaadin 6.8.4

   I need this in my project immediately . Could any one give some suggestion  ?

   Here i attached the html example image . 

Could anyone help me to achieve this task ? I need this in my project .


the regular Upload component is not able to filter a particular type of file.
Use the EasyUpload component instead. You may download it from the vaadin directory.

à bientôt

Sir ,
Thank you for your reply. I downloaded and integrated the EasyUpload Addon with my project . But How do i do this ? . Could you give any example for this ? . Please it is very urgent for my Application . Help me !!!

Thank you Sir.