Upload : cannot get filenameChanged() to fire more than once

Using Vaadin 8.2beta. My question is about the
Upload component

I’ve registered an
. As expected it fires when a file has been chosen for upload.

This works fine for the first upload, but when the
component is re-used for subsequent uploads, the event will not fire again. I can pretty easily replicate this with a minimal example.

Is this how it is supposed to be or is it a bug?

(note: I don’t think the fact that I’m using 8.2beta has anything to do with it)

At least it doesn’t sound like a good/intended feature to me, so I would say it’s a bug, but I can’t find an existing issue in GitHub about it. Could you make one with the minimal example attached?

Logged as
issue 10420

Thanks for the detailed descriptions!

I have the same problem.