Upload button uses strange URL


I am trying to integrate upload button in our application. For some reason it doesnt work. I tried to search for it in the forum but I wasnt able to find anything related to my problem.
Its best desribed with the IE behavior: when I click upload button I am redirected to:


In web.xml we have:

ExampleApplication /app/*

I also tried with the example from sampler but I see same result.

With Chrome the upload button gets deactivated after the click and the next server roundtrip results in a terminal error:
01.06.2011 00:15:38 com.vaadin.terminal.gwt.server.AbstractCommunicationManager handleVariableBurst
WARNUNG: Warning: Ignoring variable change for non-existent component, VAR_PID=PID51

FireFox complains that it cant handle the application app

What could be the reason for this?

We are using 6.5.7


Such URLs are used internally but you should never e.g. be redirected to them.
Make sure you have updated/recompiled your widgetset since upgrading to 6.5.7 - probably your widgetset version does not match the Vaadin JAR in use.

Thanks! :smiley: