upload button styling

is there a possibility to style the upload button in upload vaadin component?
It is always smaller :confused:



Remember: Google is your friend :wink:

Thanks for the answer but I am talking about the first button: “Chose file” or "Browse’ As I see it depends on browser.
Stylin cares obly about “Upload” button.

The “Choose File” or “Browse” Button and the “TextField” next to it are an html input field with type=“file”. There is not much you can change about the appearance as it is defined by the browser itself. If you still want to try it here are some hackish suggestions using JQuery, overlaying other buttons, etc…

If the Browse-Button style doesn’t fit to the rest of your app you might be better of just using a single-Button-Upload (google should find a bunch of examples for it). This way you won’t have the input type=“file” but instead it will open the Browse-Window when clicking Upload and it will upload the file as soon as you selected/opened it in the Window.

Any new about the customization of the browse button.
I need to transform it in an iconic button with no test and just an icon

If I understand you correctly, you want to change the element. That’s not easily doable, as it’s browser-specific. You might be able to do it with some kind of CSS or JavaScript hack, like in this
quirksmode article
, but it won’t be pretty.