Upgrading from Vaadin 7.01 to 7.10

Hello there,

i am trying to update my project from vaadin 7.01 to vaadin 7.1.0.
I followed all steps given here:

But after all cache cleaning and so on i always have the vaadin 7.01 libs in my web-content folder.

they wont change, and i get a warning about having the widget-set compiled with 7.1 but i am using 7.01…

how do i change the libraries in the web-content folder too?



Are you using maven, ivy or none of them?

Also: the link is missing.


i am using ivy with the eclipse plugin.

here is the missing link :slight_smile: https://vaadin.com/book/vaadin7/-/page/getting-started.eclipse.html#getting-started.eclipse.update

Did you properly edit the ivy.xml, changed the vaadin version to 7.1.0. and then waited the files to download?

Also here is a similar forum thread, maybe it helps:
Thread ivy update

Disclaimer: I personally don’t use ivy. I prefer using Maven for that purpose.

EDIT: Also found