Upgraded to V23.3.6 - Getting this in the console

I just updated the version to 23.3.6 and then I keep seeing this in the console. How to stop this? This is preventing me from looking into the log statements

For some reason it looks like the TS compilation is re-triggered every second. Do you have any ideas what could cause that? I couldn’t reproduce that in my environment.

No. I just started when moving from v23.2.6 to 23.3.6

and the only change I did it, change the version in POM file

If you don’t have any special client side hacks in your project, you could try “full reset” for the client side compilation. Starting the project afterwards will take a while after this:

mvn vaadin:dance -Pproduction; mvn clean install;

@quintessential-ibex I see the same behavior in 24.0.0 on my new work machine (MacOS Intel based) it stopped for me after 10 seconds but was really weird

it is not getting stopped for me

I reverted back to V23.2.6 and I do not see this issue

I tried to download one from start.vaadin.com using v23.3.6 and that too had same issue

It seems like there is something that is saving/touching watched files :thinking:
May it be some IDE autosave feature?

Only observed this on MacOS with IDEA or console via mvn spring boot run. On Unix I’ve never seen this behavior. Sadly I couldn’t reliable reproduce the problem on MacOS… seemed kinda random

Also this is something new I see after the upgrade to V23.3.6


@winsome-wombat Any idea what could be causing those double license checks?

For the original TS re-compilation thing, we need to figure out what causes that. Keep posting all details that might affect this.


that’s the original question

Regarding the license checks, I think it is a matter of logging too much

From which version did you update to 23.3.6 @nice-camel ?

ah, 23.2.6