Updgrading from Vaadin 22 to Vaadin 23.3 generated UI issues without errors

Hello guys.
I have recently upgraded my project from Vaadin 22 to Vaadin 23.3 ‘successfuly’ . I managed to fix all migration errors and bugs and was able to see my project live again working ‘fine’. Yesterday, I found that there was some sort of bug where if I use certain features in my UI, my UI stops working completely and clicking anywhere does not do anything. I went back to Vaadin 22 to check if it was a problem related to the project or not, and I found that it works completely fine even if I try to replicate the issue. I am asking here because I have no idea what the issue may be since it is not generating any errors, and since the UI already shows some functionality before completely blacking out. I know it’s hard to localize the problem, but any ideas guys?

Wait, this is weird. I just tried to run my project now in Vaadin 23.3 and it seems to be working properly. I am trying to replicate the error, but nothing bad happens. Any ideas about this? Is it something related to gradle/browser cache or some background stuff? The only thing different from yesterday’s execution is me restarting the computer.

Okay. I investigated it more, and it seems that the blackout (the buttons not doing anything on the UI) happens after few clicks on functionalities, and I need to refresh my page in order to get it back to normal temporarily, until the same issue happens. This looks interestingly weird.