Updating Vaadin artifects

When I started using Vaadin i was on 6.1.4 and i created a popup view component and embedded it in a page.

Current the page has following contents relevant to this

in head part

and in body:

Recently i updated to use Vadin 6.2. Now, if you notice in the head part the version still refers to 6.1.4. So what is the right way to upgrade this code to 6.2

any updates on this please?

Is that html snippet of yours autogenerated by servlet? If so, I’m sure it is a deployment issue. Check that you don’t have two vaadin jar files on your classpath.

If it is static (embedded on an other page), you can just upgrade version there (and of course upgrade vaadin.jar). No other changes is necessary.


okies… i added the code my self… tx…