Updating a Timeline Object

I am working on an application that will display a number of Timeline graphs on a gridlayout in a web page. I would like to be able to automatically update the graphs - for example, a timer may be set to update the page every 5 minutes. I can do that now by reloading or updating my data container and repainting the entire page, but that causes the page to ‘flash’. I would much rather just have the new data point(s) added to each graph and have it scroll to the left if necessary so the data just marches across the page without having to repaint the entire page. Is that possible with the Timeline object? Any examples of how to do that lying around somewhere?



The timeline should listen to container changes so whenever you add/remove/modify an item in the container the timeline should update the graph accordingly. Of course you will need to use either push or polling to send the changes to the client side.

After some digging I found
this example
which kind of does what you are trying to do.

Thanks for the pointer to the example - I should be able to make this work… Much obliged,