Update to 23.2 and doesn't load the ui

I downloaded a new project in vaadin start. Apparently the dependencies are downloaded correctly and the frontend is compiled, however it doesn’t load the ui and remains blank. I notice something different in the logs [TypeScript] Found 0 errors. Watching for file changes. This is the last message in the logs and after waiting a while nothing else appears.

I heard a similar thing happen to a coworker. He was using Chrome. Worked fine in Safari.

thanks i solved this problem updating my browser

What browser and version were you using?

That sounds like a bug

Firefox Developer Edition had the same issue which fixed itself by updating as well (105.b3 → 105.b9) :sweat_smile: for me it was a browser bug at least

I was using firefox 64.0 (this is very old, it’s from 2018) and I updated to 104.0 and everything works fine

I think the same must have been a browser bug

Well 64 is ancient :kissing: (and not supported)

Ok, that makes sense