Update of a non-displayed component (Push)


I fail to understand a behavior I’ve encountered, in details:

  • I open two browsers on the same page displaying a table filled with objects.
  • I keep the first browser as it is.
  • On the second browser I navigate to another page - thus my table is not displayed anymore.
  • I then fill a form leading to the creation of a new object on the backend, the information is then fed back to the clients using the push features.
  • On the first browser, the table is updated almost immediatly.
  • On the second one, once I navigate back to the initial table, it has not been updated.

Am I doing something wrong ? Is there a way to prevent/workaround this behaviour ?
Thanks a lot!

Should I fill a bug report ?

Hi Antoine, it is difficult to tell what is happening without seeing some example code. Could you try to provide a small runnable example program that demonstrates the issue?