Unwanted scrollbars showing up on my Table

I created a table and added 3 fields to it. I set my page length to tbl.size(). I also tried setting it to 0. Either way should make the table display all rows with no scrolling necessary. This worked as expected when I just added a VerticalLayout and the added my table to that layout and then that layout to my main window.

But when I added a panel and put a GridLayout inside that panel and then put my table inside a cell of that grid inside my panel… then suddenly it starts showing horizontal and vertical scrollbars on my table! I don’t want it to. I want it to look the same way in the panel as it does outside of it. What do I need to do?

Oddly if I only add 2 or less items to the table it works in the GridLayout inside the panel! But when I add 3 or more items it puts the scroll bars on… horiz and vert! I don’t want any scroll bars unless I explicitly set a height or width.


hmmm… maybe you could post some of the relevant code?

It sounds like the wrappers of the Panel/GridLayout is limiting the expansion of the table. Could be that you need to


Another approach could be trying to wrap the table in a CssLayout, but again, hard to say without seeing any code.