UnsupportedOperationException in Label.toString() in Vaadin 7 alpha 3


I am using Vaadin 7 alpha 3. The toString method is often called (for example in Debugger or in Logger). The toString method should not throw an Exception.
This is not an expected behaviour. At least a super.toString should be done here.

For example in GridLayout: public String getMessage() {



This is absurde.

/Kind regards

Oops, sorry for that!

In previous versions of the framework, Property.toString was used to get a string representation of the property value. With the introduction of Converter in Vaadin 7, we wanted to get away from the old cludgy convention as quickly as possible. At first we made all such methods throw exceptions to make it very easy to discover where the old convention was still used.

We did however quite soon realize that throwing exceptions from toString was generally not a good idea so we changed the behavior to only log a warning instead. Apparently we forgot to change back the behavior of Label when we updated other Property implementations. The issue is now fixed (
) and will be included in the next nightly build.