Undo History window: highlight multiple entries on mouse over

Hello everyone,

I’m currently trying to implement an “Undo History” window, as seen for example in Microsoft Office:

I’ve got the floating window in place, but I need to find a way to
highlight all entries up to the one where the mouse is currently over
, just like the screenshot above shows.

As we all know, there is no “mouse over” listener in Vaadin. So how should I accomplish this? Some CSS magic perhaps? Or do I really need to dive in and do a custom widget for this?



Okay, so I solved it a bit differently. Instead of mouse-over, the user can select an entry by clicking on it. The click listener adds / removes the “highlighted” CSS style as required and updates the description label at the bottom of the box (“Undo X steps”). At the bottom right of the box, there is a button “Undo Selected”, which really performs the undo operation.

It’s one click more, but I think that it’s acceptable and reasonably simple to implement.