Unable to rebuild widgetset

I am running an older version of Vaadin - 7.3.4. Need to make some small changes and rebuild a program which has been running for several years. Using Eclipse (Mars) I can rebuild the code, but it tells me it can’t load the widgetset when I try to run the executable.

In eclipse, I tried recompiling the widgetset and all I get is a popup saying null pointer exception.

This is a fairly serious problem - I need to get the system rebuilt. Any suggestions on how to compile the widgetset would be appreciated. I do NOT have a web.xml file. I do have an ivy.xml file in the project.




Is the Eclipse Vaadin plugin still present and up-to-date ?

Plugin is version 2.3.6. I did an update on eclipse about a week ago.


When I did the update, it looks like the Vaadin plugin was not updated. Just loaded Vaadin Designer 1.0.9. Restarted Eclipse and still can’t compile the widgetset. Same error - null pointer