Unable to draw stacked and grouped column charts using dussan liberary

Hi All,

I want to draw stacked and grouped column charts in my application using vaaadin’s dussan liberary. I tried a lot but did not find anything. I visitted http://code.dussan.org/ this site but it’s not working properly. Please help me in this. Your helip is really appreciated.


I don’t know the add-on, but the add-on seems to have its own forum (
- linked from the Directory page of the add-on) and its project page (
) also has a link to the issue tracker if this does turn out to be a bug.

P.S. Note that there is an “Add-ons” category on the Vaadin forum for other add-on related questions - you are more likely to get replies there than in the “Using the Forum” category, although in this case the forum of dCharts is probably even better.