I’ve got some problem and I’d need an experts advice. After building my JAR file and running it, I get a feedback from my browser saying ‘THE APPLICATION IS REDIRECTING IN A LOOP THAT WILL NEVER END’ and at the end the application never gets to run. Similarly, when I built it as a WAR file and deploy into TOMCAT using XAMP, the browser says its unable to find the path to the file. Is there something I’m wrongfully doing or has anybody ever encounter such a similar problem and as been able to solve it?

There’s not enough information to tell. It’s not an issue with circular Vaadin reroutes, as that would show a different error (Uncaught (in promise) Error: Something went wrong. Check server-side logs for more information.). Has the UI application ever worked?

Yes it worked in developer mode.

I don’t know but I feel its could be the spring security. Because I changed the loginView to my own view. I don’t know if its because I changed because I am not using the Spring Authentication, I implemented my own login logics.

Sir I’m not an expect but could that be a possible reason.


Well said. But then how do I disable Spring Security or how do I exclude Spring Authentication entirely from my application?

Remove the dependencies

Yes I did that but once I did, the classes that are dependent on the dependency begins to give me lots of problems. But all the same I’ll find a way to circle around it.