UIDLCompressor with DontPush

Hello all,

Has anyone tried to use the UIDLCompressor addon with the DontPudh addon (the regular one or the OzoneLayer)? The problem here is that both need to use a custom Servlet in order to use the functionality given by the addon. How can I combine both servlets?



I have used to state that UIDLCompressor is completely useless as anything else but a technology demo as a servlet filter like the one in jetty-utils is always be a more efficient and robust option. But I guess you have now found a case for it :slight_smile:

For long polling setups I still think setting up a servlet filter would work fine, but compressing web socket communication is rather new staff atm. Don’t know if it can be set up. WebKit supports deflate extension, but I don’t know about server support ATM. So if you really have so big UIDL messages that your app would aid from compressing UIDL, throwing in UIDLCompressor might actually be a good option here.

To set up UIDLCompressor would practically mean merging features directly into DontPush. Currently quite hard task :frowning: A similar one covered in
this blog post
. Vaadin 7 should somehow resolve this kind of issues with “terminal plugin architecture”.

BTW. If you end up merging those two add-ons, note that it is still best to setup a filter (or server) based compression for all non UIDL communication. That is usually where most savings can be achieved as well. And if you can make it work, please contribute you changes!