UI Table Refresh SQLContainer

Hi Folks,
I’ve been searching for a way to update a Table UI component when the underlying SQLContainer changes.

So far my test app will update the data upon a mundane sort click on the ID column of the Table.

I have added a manual Refresh button which calls mySqlContainer.refresh(). This updates my data.

(Does not work)
I have added a manual refresh button which update the setContainerDataSource(…), but this does not work.

I have added the @Push decoration on the UI app, the ivy.xml shows that the push jar is included.

Can someone help by giving me some ideas of how to update the UI Table to reflect the latest SQLContainer data automatically (such as inside a thread)?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Not the explicit answer you might have hoped for, but this blog entry helped my just hours ago to quickly implement push functionality in my Vaadin 7 project (check out the source!).

OK thanks, for the tip.