UI patterns 1: ComboBox variations (blog post)

I started to purge my backlog of small usage/usability ‘patterns’ that I have been meaning to put somewhere.

Examples >

Blogpost >

Note that Blogger messed up the code formatting - will have to look at that sometime (blogging n00b :wink:

The next version of the FeatureBrowser (codename “Sampler”) will contain a section of ‘patterns’ as well - the idea is to provide cut&paste ready solutions and ideas (of varying complexity) that can be easily reused. This can include server-side component ‘usage-patterns’, customized widgets, or just some nifty CSS - or whatever. Feel free to contribute ideas…

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Nice examples!

BTW: How to define pattern? For example, is this a pattern:

Yes and no… just kidding :wink: - that’s exactly the stuff I’m looking for - let’s include that in Sampler!