UI navigate does not change AppNav menu item in the start project https://start.vaadin.com/app

I want to change current route programmatically https://github.com/anatoly-spb/my-vaadin24-app/blob/main/src/main/java/com/example/application/views/helloworld/HelloWorldView.java#L23 but AppNav does not reflect on such changes. What’s can be wrong?

After click on “Navigate to About” I see the following:


As you can see Hello World is still active, but the current route has been changed and become About

Haven’t you asked the same question in the General question already?

Yes, sorry, but @faithful-emu suggested to create the new topic in the vaadin-flow. As the result I have created topic and https://github.com/vaadin/flow-components/issues/5157 issue

I assume he meant just to create the issue because this looks like a bug and nobody can help you here