UI Glitch - problem with state when using back button

Hi folks.

We have a glitch in our vaadin application.
We have a frontend with tables. You can select rows.

When the user select a row (it is highlighted) and uses context menu (we implemented a special context menu) and choose an option. A new site will be loaded.

When the user now uses the back button of the browser the glitch happens sometimes.
Sometimes the selected row in the table is still highlighted and the drop down menus are like before.
But sometimes it is like the site is loaded completely new. Nothing highlighted, all drop down menus are in its standard configuration.

Have anyone any idea?

When I use local jboss installation out of eclipse alle works fine (all previous states in the UI are loaded when using back button).

We canĀ“t find any special configuration problems. Local jboss is not configured in a special way and the one on the live server not as well. The http request / header is the same.

Is there any chance that this problem can be a result from a not proper configurated Vaadin installation?
Which vaadin configuration options could cause such a problem or prevent it?

Thank you very much!