UI Designer does not work offline - Vaadin joke?

Hello Vaadin, hello Forum,

the Designer View does not work offline - a Pop up tells me

This document cannot be displayed while offline. To go online uncheck Work Offline from the File menu.

I ask me why?

Is it bug or is it a feature?

There are any other suprises in Vaadin like this?

So working is not possible when there is no internet connection - is this the brave new world?


PS Hope getting answers - my last posts to other topics werent not answerd - or is there no longer assistance from Vaadin for this forum?


What you’re experiencing is a side-effect of the fact that the Visual Designer runs on an embedded Jetty webserver, and Eclipse displays it in an embedded web browser view. The problem is that your computer thinks it’s offline, and Eclipse is interpreting that as it being unable to get on a network, and hence is refusing to open a web page that it thinks is external. Still, since the connection should happen to localhost, I find it a bit strange that this would happen…
I haven’t looked at the old visual designer code (the version that ships with the plugin hasn’t been updated since Vaadin 7 came out, if I remember correctly, but improvements are in the works), but it may be that either the plugin tries to connect (erroneously) through your external IP instead of the loopback address, which would explain the SNAFU.

Have you tried unchecking the “work offline” -item from the File menu, as suggested? :slight_smile:
If that doesn’t work, you could try setting a static external IP address, that should get the connection looping correctly.

The reason we run an embedded server for the visual designer is that the editor displays an actual Vaadin application instead of a mock-up (thus achieving something close to true WYSIWYG).

Hope this helps.

Hello Patrik,

thanks for answer.

The strange thing is: There is no work ofline-item in my eclipse juno file menu.

Yoy say, i could try to set a static external ip address.

Sorry, but i don´t know in what ressource I should do that.

Is there a configuraton file for the designer where I can store the external IP-address?
Is there a how-to in the documentation?

It takes a lot of time to work with the downsides of vaadin - I don´t know, how other developer do.

This reminds me to to XUL-Runner message pop up thing that can be circumvented with some tricks, if you found the right how-to in the forums.
But I don´t still not know, what it makes, for what is it good for and why it makes problems:

To many side effects for people who want to “make application in an easy way” and who never grown up with XUL-Runner issues.
It is like to have a loose screw (or many) under the engine hood that jumps from side to side and many mechanics give you many tipps what to do and you have the impression it is needless…
Or it is like to start the engine of a car and get the XUL-Runner message and nobody knows for what it is good for but the car drives and the messages makes you crazy and there are many forums in the internet who treat that problem and you have the impression nobody know for what it is good for but it is needless… And the producer of the car doesn´t mention it, he say it is a better car on the market that brings you more far away than other… Thats true, but the message drives you crazy…

Or better: You have a tool and you need many tools to get the tool work.

Hmm, Vaadin is a good tool and Vaadin makes great work.

But when I sum up how many I hours I sat to get it run and with what kind of problems I had to fight I ask me if it is mature as it should be for a professional application generation environment in enterprises.
And it does not helps me if I know it is even better than other tools :slight_smile:

OK, for people who are grown up in the “open” java and web world it is normal (?).
But vaadin want to be a better tool for the nerds (sorry) or it want to play a role on the market in enterprises?

Generally I found less about vaadin in the internet.

Ask me why there is not so many response for a such a (really) good idea…

Back to the designer:
The designer tool has so many downsides - I use it only for simple layout.
It is better to bring stable and complete tools to the platform…

Greetings to Skandinavia


Yeah, apparently the ‘work offline’ feature is a part of the built-in (mozilla-based) browser component that’s showing its ghost - sorry for missing that. :slight_smile:

The problem remains, though: since your computer’s operating system is actively telling running software that you do not have network access of any kind, some software refuses to make network connections even over the local loopback (this would be the embedded browser component). When I said to set a static IP address and see if the problem goes away, I meant that you should set a static IP address in your operating system, not some config file (since that won’t trick the browser component into compliance).
I’ll take a look at the current implementation at some point - if reliability of operation can easily be improved, it will be fixed. Unfortunately the current Designer component is just being maintained these days, but no longer actively developed, and users are not encouraged to use it for much more than playing around a bit…

Regarding the complexity: I feel your pain. The world of enterprise Java and the number of indirections and hoops to jump through that it introduces took me by surprise when I started at Vaadin. Unfortunately, the Vaadin framework is exactly as complicated as it has to be in order to be usable as part of larger enterprise software suites.
As someone who started out just wanting to write games, the sheer complexity and brittleness of the enterprise Java ecosystem still horrifies me.

I have a similar problem. I can not work offline. Every time I am ofline ivy give errors. Why avy has to check every single time I run a project? Is it a way to stop that?

Google tells me: use the useCachesOnly property:

No, this has been made to waste developer´s time.

Asked me, if developer who designed that tool ever worked offline.

It is bad practise to hide all the switches you need for developing (respectivly to install them).

Imagine you had some secret buttons and switches under the hood of your car.
You must find them, when you leave the motorway.
Or you never will reach your destination…

Is vaadin mature for developing enterprise applications?

Too much time I wasted into theme UI issues, browser issues , scroll-bar issues.
And prayed if I moved my project to another workspace, because of all that switches like “facettes” that could be missing.

Asked to Vaadin´s “How do you feel mail” to publish a Migration Guide or something like that with the most important topics for that stuff.
Or UI Guide for all the theme stuff or things you should know if you use push or poll - and you will forget, when you resolved it. And why the first is not working over all networks (tells you stackoverflow.com).

Yep, you can find it all in the forums or in stackoverflow.com …!

Vaadin - make it more handy!