TYPE_TRAY_NOTIFICATION seems Corrupted on Vaadin 6.5.4

My Application worked correclty on Vaadin 6.4.7 for a long time.
When I upgrated to 6.5.4 a strange behaviour comes with TYPE_TRAY_NOTIFICATION.
When message shuold appear the screen flash for a moment then a grey screen appear only with TYPE_TRAY_NOTIFICATION message and a loading icon appear and all is freezed.

If I do reload all page (F5) on browser the application appear and works well but the TYPE_TRAY_NOTIFICATION does not comes again.

Does anyone knows if something is changed and could be corrupt that type of message.

If I change all TYPE_TRAY_NOTIFICATION message to TYPE_HUMANIZED_MESSAGE all work well, but for that function Tray was perfect.


Works fine for me e.g. in
Vaadin 6.5.4 Sampler

Make sure you are using a new (recompiled if necessary) widgetset and theme resources. If necessary, refresh any browser and server side caches. Also, did you see this only on one browser (which?) or different ones?

The problem was on FF 3.6, Chrome and IE, so maybe on all browsers, I’ve cleared server side and browser cache, but…

It seems rebuilding widgetset now it works, if so the problem could move on maven-eclipse plugin.

Because I had some problem on that issue in the past.
Infact I’m using maven-eclipse plugin and to deploy new version I use: mvn:clean package and a widgetset was recreated, but to run tomcat locally on eclipse I have to copy widgetset files under src/main/webapp/VAADIN/widgetsets, while I do not like that choice because that file are compilation product so they should not go under svn.

Do you know some issue on that? or a working sample pom file?

On the original post TYPE_TRAY_NOTIFICATION I’m going to test it on all customer browser and I’ll report if it was My error.


Rebuilding all widgetset the problem disappear.

Thanks Henri