Two Vaadin Portlets on the same page not working

I have created 2 portlets for Liferay using Vaadin. I add the 2 portlets to the same page. The portlets render just fine. When I click a button on the first portlet, it works fine. When I press a button on the second portlet, I get a communication error. I have also tried adding the same portlet twice on the same page. Again they both render fine. Again on the second portlet button click, I get the same communication error. I am using Vaadin 7 (alpha 3).

Here is the message that pops up.

Communication problem
Take note of any unsaved data, and click here to continue.
(SyntaxError): Unexpected token ) - Original JSON-text:

Any ideas?

FYI…I tried the latest nightly build of Vaadin 7 (2012-09-05) and now the second Vaadin portlet does not even render.

I get the following error…

JavaScriptException: (TypeError) : Cannot call method ‘je’ of null