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Hi all,

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I mentioned that my new company is using Vaadin for the user interface for its cloud database product. Since then, I’ve written a couple blogs with videos that feature Vaadin prominently. In case anyone is curious, I wanted to share these two blogs that show two
different Vaadin-based apps.

The first is a tour of the console for the cloud DB product. We’re using most of the Vaadin widget set as far as I can tell, and the
add-on for updating the UI:

The second is a small “wine database” app whose backend I move from a local database to a db cluster running in the cloud (on Amazon EC2). It’s a very simple app, but, as you’d expect, has a lot of functionality given how little code was necessary to implement it. It’s a small app, but it uses JPA for adding records and JDBC for retrieving/displaying them (using
). It’s great that I can use both styles of accessing the back end and still define the connection pool in one place. In my next blog I’ll give a tour of the application, which might be useful for people unfamiliar with Vaadin or with Java EE applications.

As an aside, check out the command prompt I’m using in the blog for the command line example. :slight_smile:


Hi Bobby,

That is some really cool stuff you are working with and it inspires to work hard on this side. I really admire your energy considering your longish career.

BTW. Monty Widenius used to sit in our board. Maybe you can next join his company to create similar stuff for MySQL or MariaDB. :grin:


Sure, one database at a time! :slight_smile: Thanks for the note on the blog and old man career, heh heh.

It took me a while to get to it, but I’ve posted another one that has the source code, along with explanations, of the Vaadin app that I used in the db migration screen cast above:

It’s probably not the ideal Vaadin app, but I hoped it might get some new people interested in how easy it is to create an application like this. For people already using Vaadin, there are a few things in there that might be of interest:

  1. How to map the Vaadin application to something other than / so that other static content can be accessed easily. Also, one method for including an index.jsp file for redirecting users (this index.jsp could also be used for a login screen).

  2. One simple (IMO) way to get an EJB reference inside a Vaadin application.

  3. How to use both Vaadin’s SQLContainer and JPA in the same app using the same JDBC resource (nice to be able to define it in one place!). I’m having the DB generate primary keys and have set up the JPA entities to do the right thing.

  4. How to use a custom theme with background.

  5. How to get a combo box without any paging present. See

There are a few things I left out that I normally do in an app, like override terminalError(Terminal.ErrorEvent) to give the user error feedback, but I wanted to keep it simple. Anyway, I hope someone finds it useful.