TwinColSelect left/right caption disappearing in Animator/Disclosure add-on

In my UI, I have a TwinColSelect that’s in a Disclosure (Jouni’s Animator add-on). I am not sure which is misbehaving as this is new for me, too, in Vaadin 6.5.0. The Animator library didn’t change, though, and I know TwinColSelect did, so maybe it’s something to do with the new left/right captions and not being visible initially.

I converted a TwinColSelect with a defined caption in the constructor, to one that still does that, but also sets the left and right captions.

When I click to open the Disclosure, the TwinColSelect appears and the left and right captions appear briefly, then disappear. The main caption remains. If I refresh the page while the Disclosure is open, I can then see the left and right captions (along with the main caption).

Then if I close the Disclosure and reopen, the left and right captions do the same “appear, then disappear” steps again. The main caption always seems to work.

I removed the main caption, and it has the same behavior with respect to the left/right captions.

Most likely caused by #6348, try the next nightly.

Thanks! That fixed it. Now looking forward to the 6.5.1 release.