Tutorial Persist Problem in Grails

Hy all of your,

As I progress in solving my different issues, I think all of my problems could be resume by this one.
In attached File you’ll find the grails project related to the official tutorial.
I adapted it with a groovy domain class in order to store the datas in the DB from the list and the beanItemContainer.

My problem is that nothing is stored in the db. I can visually add - delete - modify things in the beanItemContainer but nothing is stored in the db.

I didn’t find resources about this (I mean, my differents searchs didn’t leads me to a clear solution to this), so I’ll appreciate in advance your help.

12209.zip (360 KB)

Hy all of you,

after hours and hours loosing my nerves and my haires, I found a solution thanks to this project :