Trying to integrate JsRibbon with Vaadin

Has anyone ever tried to use Ribbon Js with Vaadin?

It would make an excellent add-on for the Directory, for sure.


One of the blockroads I am encountering: the RibbonJs code expects to find Ribbon.css in a location relative to the js code. Now the js code is available at /APP/PUBLISHED/AcidJs.Ribbon/classes/Ribbon.js.
As a result, the js code looks for the css file under /APP/PUBLISHED/AcidJs.Ribbon/styles/Ribbon.css, but the Vaadin code layout only seems to install js files under /APP/PUBLISHED, but not css files.
I’ll appreciate any help.

Did you check out this part of the docs already:


Thanks Olli, that was very helpful.
My next roadblock: all the images are served under VAADIN/themes/mytheme/AcidJs.Ribbon/icons/… but the JS app, which is a third party app, expects the images to be in the same base URL as the JS classes:

Any thoughts?


Edit the JS to allow a different folder for the images?


Indeed, I think I fixed all the issues with your collective help.