Trying to get started, designer is throwing an exception

I created a new installation of Eclipse Juno 64-bit on Mac OS 10.6.8. I downloaded the Vaadin plugin via the Eclipse Marketplace, and restarted. I then created a new Vaadin project, chose the default options (i.e. left Target Runtime as , used “Vaadin, Java 5, Servlet 2.4” configuration, “Servlet (default)” deployment configuration. Once the project is created, I try to open the automatically created Application class using the Vaadin Editor. Then I click Design tab, and get the error message:

Could not open design view:
Failed to find or parse visually editable clas
caused by
Not an editable CustomComponent

Any ideas what I could be doing wrong?

Kindof same happens to me, on Linux Ubuntu 12.04. The designer tab is not even available in the vaadin editor, only the source tab is visible.

The Visual Designer cannot modify the Application class, it only deals with CustomComponents (called Vaadin Composites). You can add a new composite by right clicking on the project, selecting New->Other->Vaadin Composite. Once you’ve done that the newly created component can be modified with the Visual Designer

You’ve got the Vaadin Plugin installed, right? Sometimes eclipse doesn’t automatically use the Vaadin Editor for editing a Vaadin component. If that happens you can open a customcomponent in the Vaadin Editor by right clicking on the class, selecting Open With… → Vaadin Editor. You should then get the Design tab.