Troubles with Internet Explorer with starting a JNLP


I have one trouble with IE… I create an application that show a list of JPEG folder.
Then if you double click on a specific folder, I start my Java Application in Web Start.

Here is a sample of what I use to open my Viewer:
l = new Link(“link”, new ExternalResource("http://localhost:8080/jwView/jwView.jnlp));

If I use Google Chrome or FireFox, no problem the application is starting.
But with IE (7.0 or higher) , I got this:
IE ask me if I want to download the application and then if I said yes, it refresh the page and at least I have to double click again on the line to start the application!

Do you have an idea about what I do wrong?

Many thanks for your help,


PS: Sorry if my english is rusty…