Triggering a rerender from "server" side

I’m working on a vaadin web application that is also an OSGi bundle and exports an OSGi service. A client can call the service to register itself. When that happens a new tab in the gui will be created for the registered client. The GUI will register itself as a listener on its own service and get called when a new client registers with the service. In this case I also want the gui to rerender to show the new tab. Is that at all possible since this flow of events comes completely from the server side ? Does the server side have a way of pushing information to the client ?

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Tommy Svensson

No, vaadin can’t do this, because all requests are triggered by the client (Webbrowser)


You can either use a component which polls the server for new updates, like this one:

Or try to work with Icepush which gives you true server push.
I have not yet used icepush, but others report it to work…

I think it depends on your use case which is the best solution.


Thanks for your answer André. I will take a look at these to se if they can help me.