tricky layout problem (positioning text in a textfield)

hello vaadiners,

I attached a screenshot to show you what I would like to achieve

I would like to position the text in the text field to be on the same line ( the red line on the screenshot ) as the buttons on the left

Is it possible at all? And if it is possible , what steps should I take?

Is there a css property for that or I have to achieve it another way?

Thanks in advance

What would like is
vertical-align: baseline
, but that would only work through CSS. You can try it using a custom theme.

But the easiest solution, which is probably quite close to what you need, is to set the vertical-alignment of all of the components in that row to middle:

layout.setComponentAlignment(component, Alignment.MIDDLE_LEFT);

Thanks for your answer

I already have a custom theme :slight_smile: ( just a stylesheet with some custorm styles) but I will try both solution :slight_smile: