TreeTable not found at runtime

I’ve a Vaadin/Maven project.
I got the TreeTable using the pom provided in the page and I’m able to compile, however, when I try to execute, I get an error ClassNotFoundException on the TreeTable class.
What’s wrong ?
What did I miss ?

Nobody knows the solution ?

Probably the TreeTable jar is missing from the runtime classpath of your project?

May be, but I used the pom definition and, at compile time I can compile without problems.
I don’t understand what’s wrong.
I’m running directly from eclipse.

Are you using m2eclipse or not?
If you are, try to update the dependencies from its context menu on the project.
If not, you could try to run “mvn eclipse:eclipse” to refresh/recreate the .project and .classpath files, and then refresh the whole project in Eclipse. You might want to make a backup of the whole project before this just in case if you haven’t used them on the project before.

Then check the classpath containers (shown as nodes in the Package Explorer view) and explicit classpath entries in Eclipse.

Also, does it work if you run it in Jetty or Tomcat directly from Maven?

I’m using STS and then maven plugin is included.
I executed an update of maven dependencies but nothing changed.
Looking in containers, under the MavenDependencies, the jar is included (vaadin-treetable-1.0.0.jar).
Running, when I try to use TreeTable I get a ClassNotFound error.

I have sometimes had a little similar problems with tc Server or Tomcat, which might cache old versions of JARs with potentially different package names etc.

Try to clean the working directories of the server and remove any serialized sessions. You might even want to turn off session serialization if it is not necessary in your development environment (Servers/…/context.xml - uncomment the Manager line).

Unfortunately it didn’t work.
I suspect I need to move the jar into the Tomcat lib directory, however it’s not the correctmost way to use maven.
Any further suggestion ?