TreeTable "jump" on setValue()


I have a problem using TreeTable. I have a class (TreeTableCustomField) that encapsulate a TreeTable and extends CustomField :

public class TreeTableCustomField extends CustomField  {

	TreeTable tree;
	public TreeTableCustomField() {
		tree = new TreeTable();
		CssLayout layout = new CssLayout();
		layout .addComponent(tree);

I add this CustomField to a Form. The problem is that when I have a vertical scrollbar around the Form (more precisely around the Layout containing the Form) and I click on an item in the TreeTable, the scrollbar goes down without any reasons. Moreover, the selected value is not the item on which the click occured, but the item hovered after the scroll goes down. I realised that the problem actually occured when a called to TreeTable.setValue() is done.

I looked on Vaadin Forum and I saw that the problem does not occur if I replace the Form by a CssLayout, but this solution is not good for me because I have to keep the Form.

Do you have an idea on how I can solve this problem?

Thank you.

confirm. Not only in treetable but also in table.

I also had this problem. It seemed to me that the hight of the table was being recalculated more times and the result was not always the same. After I changed the row hights a few pixels (now I have .v-table-row 24 px) and updated to Vaadin 6.8.0 the problem disappeared.